Occupy the Caucuses Vowed to Disrupt Campaign Activities

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“Occupy the Caucuses” has launched in Des Moines, Iowa. They have promised to disrupt the various campaigns. Twelve protesters have already been arrested at Ron Paul and Mitt Romney’s campaign offices, including a 14-year-old girl, who claims to have been arrested several times already, according to the New York Times. Since this movement began, many arrests have taken place for a myriad of infractions, many for violent activities. Just today, the story broke in the Gothamist about a protester, charged with a felony for stabbing a police officer with a pair of scissors. To the Occupy protesters: Do you know with whom you stand?

Communists, radical Islamist groups, unions, the North Korean government, and even the American Nazi Party has endorsed the Occupy movement. Why? TheBlaze has a list of these and other supporters of the movement. To the Occupy protesters: Why do the North Korean government and the Hezbollah support this movement?

Accusations of crime or other unsavory activity, including anti-Semitic rantings, trespassing, defacing buildings, defecating on police cars and in cathedrals, throwing bottles and rocks at police officers, signs that encourage violence, members that injure journalists, prostitution, drug use, public masturbation, feces throwing, suicides, gas bombs, arson, burglary, intimidation, even murder has plagued the movement. The New York Times reports that crime has risen in and around the Occupy site compared to the same time last year. And the police union in D.C. reports that crime has risen 17 percent since the movement started. Many news stories talk about the occupiers as “mostly peaceful.” When was the Tea Party ever described as “mostly peaceful?” To the Occupy protesters: Is this who you are?

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