Occupy Wall Street: Poll Shows Movement Becoming More Radical

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The Occupy Wall Street movement has had a history of violence. This cannot be disputed. However, the members of the movement have not all been violent. A new poll shows that the percentage of the protestors have become more radical, and 13% have admitted that they have already engaged in violence, not just “civil disobedience.”

Occupy Wall Street Wednesday - 'Class War Ahead!' by Jay FineThe Daily Beast reports that in October, Douglas E. Schoen, LLC, conducted a survey with the fledgling movement, where 35% of the “protesters interviewed said their top goal was for OWS to move the Democratic Party distinctly and boldly left.” It worked. The Blue Dog Democrats are fading away into obscurity, while the democrats in office seem to advocate principles that are decidedly way left and more in alignment with Communist objectives instead of ideals historically associated with America.

The OWS protestors in the October Poll said that they “were ready and willing to use civil disobedience (98 percent) and violence (31 percent) as a means of achieving OWS’ agenda.” The latest poll shows that 63% have “already engaged in civil disobedience” and 13% said that “they have already engaged in violence in support of their goals.” Does this concern anyone?

Other notable findings are that 53% oppose “American-style capitalism,” 71% believe in “massive redistribution of wealth,” 85% want “dramatically higher taxes,” and 79% want “greater government regulation and control over the economy.” Additionally, 79% believe that the “government has a moral responsibility to guarantee health care, a college education, and a secure retirement for all, no matter what the cost,” which is a 14% increase from the poll taken in October. 74% want a “health-care system replaced by a government-run single-payer system.”

Are these goals representative of the beliefs shared by the average American?

President Obama’s Re-election Campaign

The Obama administration has endorsed the Occupy movement, and the president has even been quoted this week in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, calling the OWS movement “just one vivid expression of a broader anxiety.” The Occupiers themselves perhaps unknowingly assist the platform for the Obama agenda against the so-called 1%. As stated in the article, “Put simply, President Obama has effectively made class warfare the central organizing strategy of his re-election campaign.” The democrats, instead of working to unify the nation on shared goals, are busy “emphasizing unfairness in American society, income inequality, and the need to redistribute wealth.”

Eat The Rich by RunLoriRunThe Occupy Wall Street movement also, despite less coverage in the mainstream media, “is nonetheless seizing control of the political debate in America this election year.” Unfortunately, the real news should be about how to fix the country, lower the national debt, reduce stifling regulations that are not friendly to business (from big corporations to mom & pop shops and yes, even lemonade stands), the energy crisis, joblessness, etc.

Instead, the mainstream media has been obsessively focused on issues that further polarize America, such as race (e.g.., the Trayvon Martin tragedy), class warfare (e.g., the Buffet rule), and the GOP so-called “War on Women” (e.g., the false idea that the GOP wants to take away contraception).

The focus should move away from the continual polarizing of America, which is destructive. Americans should be united as a country and enabled to work together with innovation, mutual respect, accountability, integrity, focus and yes, hard work.

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