Occupy Wall Street Should Learn Respect

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It seems that the Occupy Wall Street folks are wearing out their welcome on New York City. According to the New York Times residents in Lower Manhattan are complaining about the noise, the mess and their inability to walk down the streets. In addition, the many business owners whose rest rooms are damaged have had enough. As far as the protestors go, they seem to encourage this kind of behavior.

In a widely distributed pamphlet, “Welcome to Liberty Plaza: Home of Occupy Wall Street,” participants were instructed where to find relief. “After you’ve dined,” it reads, “feel free to refresh yourself in the restrooms of neighboring businesses like Burger King and McDonald’s without feeling obligated to buy anything.” – New York Times 10/8/2011

While many are comparing this movement to the Tea Party movement and its beginnings, the Tea Party always has respect for the property they meet on and for the surrounding areas and businesses. This appears as an unorganized and undisciplined mob who instead of trying to find jobs, would rather complain about not having them and not understanding the concept of personal responsibility, this being a person makes his or her own way and it is not up to others to give to them.

As this so-called occupation wears on, there will be more and more instances of vandalism, public defecation and arrests. At first there was a mixed crowd, both young and old walking side by side, but now it seems there is a younger crowd emerging who appear bent on causing problems and not actually solving them.

Should the City of New York continue to tolerate this behavior or should they take action? Should they not be concerned about the citizens of the city who are being negatively affected by this action? By letting these protestors trash the parks and businesses, should the city be held responsible for the damages? Why should the taxpayers of the city pay for cleaning up the mess when these people are done?

While it certainly is the right of citizens in this country to protest and hold peaceful demonstrations, it should also be the right for these same protestors to respect their fellow citizens, and those same citizens property. The longer this protest goes on, the more people will become alienated and sour to the original intent of this protest. This will only work against this movement and the city government will have to deal with it.

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