Occupy Wall Street Spreads to Salt Lake City

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The Occupy Wall Street movement spread to Salt Lake City on Thursday. While much of the state was sitting at temperatures in the low 40s to upper 30s, approximately 300 people were in tents in Pioneer Park. Organizers expect that number to grow especially as the weekend, and slightly warmer weather, approaches. While snow may make for uncomfortable protest conditions, the fact that protestors are willing to march on the day of Utah’s first snow shows just how determined they are to facilitate change.

The protestors in Salt Lake City marched on Main St past many banks and making a stop at the Federal Reserve building. There are plans for two marches covering the same area on Friday. Occupy Salt Lake City is standing in support and agreement with the Occupy Wall Street movement that reached its 21st day on Friday. While the chances of SLC’s occupation reaching the same magnitude of New York City or San Francisco’s is slim, protestors in Pioneer Park wanted to join in to say they are part of the 99 percent.

Thankfully the protests were peaceful on Thursday with police patrolling the park to ensure the occupation’s safety. There are currently over 200 active protests in the Occupy Wall Street movement from coast to coast. The 99 percent has supporters chiming in from around the world. As the movement continues to grow it is only a matter of time before Washington and the White House have to take action to meet the demands of everyday Americans.

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