Ocotomom kids turn 3!

The Ocotmom had her kids three years ago. Where does time fly. Nadya Suleman also known as Ocotomom was on welfare and food stamps at the time of her delivery. She is not a loved figure in American society.

The octopulets were born under a cloud after people asked why and where’s dad? Ocotomom seems to be an attention grabbing person who is more in love with the media than the miraculous birtn of her brood. She has too many kids for one person to take care of, and it seems she was counting on the generosity of others to help her out.

Like Kate Gosselin, she is not well-liked in our society. Suleman is the second American woman to give birth to octoplets all which survived. So happy birthday to the babies, and yuck to the mom.

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I am the mother of 3 grown children. I adopted my fourth. Then God gave me 7 grandchildren. I thought how wonderful can life be. Then, my youngest married daughter said, "Mom I'm pregnant. How wonderful is this? Grandbaby #8 turned out to be grandbabies

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