Octomom Allows Children to Live in Bad Conditions

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Octomom Nadya Suleman is making a bad name for herself once more, but this time her children are the ones being affected. The 37-year-old single mom of 14 has more on her plate than she can handle and her hairstylist, Stephanie, has seen it firsthand. She called La Habre police and reps from Orange County Department of Children and Family Services showed up on Suleman’s doorstep Tuesday.

TMZ obtained photos of the terrible conditions that the children have been living in. Stephanie suspected Suleman was also neglecting her kids because they looked malnourished and unbathed. Inside Octomom’s house is graffiti all over the walls, plumbing isn’t working, and porta potties in the back yard for the youngsters to go in. The hairstylist also told cops some of the kids are forced to sleep on the dirty floor in their bedrooms.

Octomom was last in the news for the fact she’s dependent on food stamps now. Death threats were bombarding her email box and someone even broke her car window and left a life-threatening note. All that came on the heels of her posing nude in a British magazine called Closer.

Children’s Services didn’t take Nadya’s kids away from her Tuesday because they didn’t believe the kids were in any danger, but there will be a follow-up.

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