Octomom is now trademarked! Let the boycott begin.

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Ms. Suleman– who miraculously delivered eight viable babies through in vitro fertilization in January and has spent the weeks since creeping out the country and looking for ways to make a buck off her newfound fame — has applied to trademark “Octomom,” the nickname many media outlets gave her.

According to the two applications her lawyers filed last week with the USA trademark office, Suleman plans to sells Octomom-brand dresses, pants, shirts, as well as cloth and disposable diapers.

As part of the application Suleman, 33, signed a consent form that declares “OCTOMOM is a nickname by which I am widely known” and gives permission “to use my nickname as Trademark or Servicemark.”

Holy Cow, it is finally happening, the utter and total demise of our once proud nation. Good idea for consumers, please start the boycott right away. Oh, and speaking of that boycott, it needs to include not just diapers and jammies, it needs to include any televised Octomom interviews etc. Do you watch trainwrecks? No, I hope. Do you watch snuff films? No, I hope. So do not spend any more time watching Nadia try to explain how she has made the world a better place.

Oh, and one more thing. Would you like to know why she declined the million dollar offer to star in a porno? Well, clearly she figured that she could parlay her eight baby escapade into bigger money than that by using other avenues, avenues which might close if she stripped down for the cameras. In other words, she may be crazy, but that does not mean she’s dumb!

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