Octomom, Kate Gosselin and Get Real

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I wish everyone would leave Nadya Suleman alone.  Yup, I said it.  Octomom has remained pretty quiet overall but still the media hounds her and her parents.  They are even relentless down to a lousy $15 lip gloss.  Get real.

Now big mouth Kate Gosselin is expressing her disapproval.  Honestly this is hypocrisy from a woman who financially gains from exploiting her children.  I believe her parents refuse to be involved in any of it and neither her nor Jon were employed when the kids were born.  I can't stand the way she berates her children and husband.  Dr. Phil, another phony (didn't his license lapse so how is he a doc) backs her up.  What are Kate and Phil afraid of possible competition, knowing their own transparent phoniness?

We don't know how Suleman will mother her children yet.  It certainly doesn't help to put pressure on an already stressful situation.  Let her try to take care of them with her family and get her education to handle finances for the future.  At least she is trying.  Some people stay on the system with the intention of never going off.  Those are the folks I'm not crazy about paying for.  I'm even less happy to pay to pad the pockets of Haliburton and bailing out banks so they can continue spa vacations.

Seems the media and media whores such as Dr. Phil and Kate Gosselin like to distract us with where our pennies go to folks like Octomom when we should be focused on where the big bucks are going – and the connection between government, banks and corporations.

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