Octomom May Lose Home

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Nadya Suleman, better known as the Octomom, is at risk of losing her house. Octomom, who actually has 14 kids total, and was planning to have more, is behind on her payments and could be evicted from her house.

Suleman was a medical and cultural phenomenon when she gave birth to her octuplets. But without a husband, without a job, and with 6 other kids to take care of, the public’s opinion of the octomom turned from one of awe, to one of disgust.

Suleman, who was supposed to be a little over $4,000 a month has fallen behind on her payments. She also failed to pay a balloon payment at the end of the year of $450,000.

Suleman’s parents, who have been helping with payments, are in the foreclosure process of their home as well.

I’m not sure what octomom is going to do now, but please, don’t have any more kids.


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