‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman: In Vitro was a ‘Mistake!’

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Didn’t Nadya Suleman consider the chances before starting in vitro fertilization treatments. Nayda ‘Octomom’ Suleman now sounds like she regrets the IVF treatments that gave her octuplets to add to her other six kids.

‘It was a mistake,’ claims the Octomom! You think? Now that Nadya realizes that she can’t afford her kids. Now she realizes it was a mistake. She was already a single mom trying to raise six children on her own. People have said that Suleman’s treatments were a mistake for years. Somehow the Octomom is finally getting it. So, why again did she decided to go with fertility treatments?

“Was I was in my lucid state of mind? I don’t know at that point. I could rationalise myself away and I’m good at rationalizing,” claims Nayda Suleman. Rationalize this Nayda: You have 14 kids to feed? How on earth are you going to do that and stay afloat? The Octomom is feeding her kids thanks to food stamps, even though she claimed she would never go on welfare. It took some time, but now she is embarrassed for bringing these children into the world and not giving them the best possible life she can give them.

Unfortunately, for Nayda Suleman, what is done, is done and can’t be taken back. There are 14 mouths to feed, and now there are eight children who will someday read on the internet that they were a big fat ‘mistake.’ Nice job there, Octomom!

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