‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman, Michael Lohan, and Tila Tequila Available To Take Your Calls!

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‘Octomom’ on line one! If someone has ever dreamed of picking up the phone and calling Nadya Suleman, Michael and Dina Lohan, Tila Tequila, or any number of stars and letting them know how they felt, now is the time! That’s right, for as little as $5 a minute, someone can now reach out and call their favorite D-list celebrity.

Dial-a-Star.com has set up a ‘discrete’ phone line to talk to several Hollywood (not quite) stars. Most of these folks are from the greatest hits of reality television coupled with parents of actors and some other models and entertainers. In other words this is a big money-making scheme of has-beens and wannabes.

Launched last week, this is a way that fans can call and talk to (or berate) their favorite (or most hated) star.

So, how much cash will it take to talk to some of these priceless figures? How about anywhere between $5 and $27 a minute?

Who wouldn’t want to lay down $12 a minute to talk to ‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman. Perhaps at $25 or $18 a minute, one could call Dina and Michael Lohan and tell them both what horrible parents they were in bringing up their troubled daughter Lindsay Lohan. Perhaps someone wants to talk dirty with Tila Tequila… $20 a minute.

Look, the list of really bad stars trying to extend their 15 minutes of fame is too long to print, but for those looking to chat-up Kate Major, Rachel Uchitel, Danielle Staub, or any other low-life trying to cash-in… it is quite a group!

One question begs to be asked, if the ‘Octomom’ can be a part of this craziness, then why isn’t Kate Gosselin on the list? Surely, she could use the cash, right?

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