Octomom Nadya Suleman’s House is Finally in Foreclosure

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After several reprieves, Octomom Nadya Suleman’s house has finally gone into foreclosure. The famed mother of 14 children watched her residence go up for auction yesterday. That was after four postponements gave her ample opportunity to save the property.

Unfortunately, no one seemed to want the home of America’s most controversial mother. There wasn’t a single bid submitted. That means the house goes back to the bank who will formally foreclose on the property.

The company conducting the auction, Priority Posting and Publishing, Inc., required an opening bid of almost $356,000. Sadly, no one thought the property was worth that amount, so no bids took place. That means Suleman is out of options.

That’s none too soon for the former owner of the property, Amer Haddadin. According to him, Suleman destroyed his credit with her inability and unwillingness to make house payments in a timely fashion. Haddadin got involved when Suleman couldn’t qualify for a regular house loan. He felt sorry for a fellow Arab and loaned the family most of the money.

Ed Doud, Nadya’s father, made a down payment on the home in the amount of $115,000. He also promised Haddadin he’d make monthly payments of $4,000 so the latter could, in turn, make the mortgage note. Everything went all right until a $450,000 balloon payment came due in March of last year. Neither Doud nor Suleman could cover that amount. Haddadin couldn’t either; thereby causing him no end of credit problems.

Octomom still owes $475,000 on the house. In total, it’s believed her debts range around $1 million. Her assets total only around $50,000. That’s why she declared bankruptcy earlier this year. However, Suleman messed up the paperwork and the bankruptcy got kicked back. That meant her creditors could once again go after the money she owed them. That’s how the bank eventually got control of her house in the first place.

Now Suleman’s father has declared bankruptcy as well, leaving Haddadin holding the bag so to speak. It’s not looking good for any of the players in this game. Suleman and her kids have no roof over their heads. Apparently, neither do her parents who’ve always helped her out in the past. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

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