Octomom on The View and Olay Regenerist

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Octomom on The View today was her usual laughing self. Nadya Suleman Octomom on The View laughed so hard it prompted Joyce Behar to ask, “Are you on something?” Looking at Octomom on The View, I admired her skin and wondered if it was Olay Regenerist. 

After all, we know Octomom has a preference for pricey lip gloss. Her smooth skin might be the result of a product like Olay Regenerist, which I thought worked well. 

Getting back to Octomom on The View and her laugh, USA Today reports Suleman said, “It’s called DNA! Because my mom’s in her 70’s and she has as much energy as I do. I try to suppress it. Someone told me I need a laugh coach!” 

If you want to try Olay Regenerist, CVS has a sweet deal this week. There were coupons in Sunday’s newspaper and you also get $12 Extra Bucks when you buy two Olay Regenerist cream, treatment, dermabrasion -there are a wide selection of skin care products to choose from. 

I scored two deals at CVS myself. With a $1 coupon from the newspaper, I spent just $1.99 for L’oreal Vive shampoo. I purchased L’oreal Excellence 10 minute hair color for just $4 between the sale price and $2.00 coupon. 

Here is a YouTube video clip of Octomom on The View: 

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