Octomom to strip! YUCK!

Octomom is going to strip from the waist up for a few lucky gentlemen. If you missed her porn flick, then maybe you’ll want to pay to see this gentle lady stripl

I wonder if she ever thought about getting a job at Walmart! Just saying.

According to MSN, “The opportunity to see this well-known fertile myrtle in the buff is not over. Nadya Suleman will reportedly offer a lucky few gentlemen the opportunity to watch her strip when she performs a few gigs at T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach, Fla. in July.”

What will her children think of her. Those poor kids will be teased at school. There friends will know that their mom is a porn queen and a stripper. Her desperate need of money is no different than many moms, but Octomom, Nadie Suleman, puts a new twist on poverty. She has no class at all.

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