Octomom Using Rehab for Publicity?

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Octomom entered rehab for a Xanax addiction, but a source thinks it is all a bunch of garbage and nothing more than a calculated publicity stunt. The cool thing in Hollywood is to head off to rehab for various reasons—some are legit, while others seem like said celebrity is just looking for a little publicity.

Apparently, Nadya Suleman is bummed that her little sex tape did not launch her into the celebrity world with the likes of Kim Kardashian. You know, Kim got famous after a sex tape was leaked as was her reality star predecessor, Paris Hilton. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out like Nadya hoped. The insider plainly states, “This trip to rehab is probably just another ploy for Nadya to get publicity and money from media outlets that pay her for pictures and stories.” Is it working?

The source adds the rehab is actually necessary, but not for an addiction, “Nadya absolutely does have major psychological issues though that have been untreated for years, and she should be getting help for those very complicated problems.” You think? The woman had 14 kids just because she could.

As Octomom’s so-called friend points out, “Nadya leads a very sad and lonely life. You have to remember, she is surrounded by children all day every day and has very little interaction with adults.” Quite frankly, that was her choice. It is time to wake up and realize there is no future in Hollywood for her. Get a job and figure out how to pay for those kids.

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