Octomom Won’t Be Prosecuted for Child Neglect

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Two former employees of Octomom, Nadya Suleman, have accused the young mother of child neglect. However, she isn’t getting prosecuted. According to the district attorney of Orange County there isn’t enough evidence to call for a prosecution.

Not a lot is known about the specifics of the allegations against Suleman. The rumor is one of the two nannies involved in the charges claims she saw one of Nadya’s older children molesting a younger sibling. Because of that, the nanny filed a child endangerment report.

Suleman’s manager, however, calls the claims bogus. The same persons also insinuates that one of the nannies involved became obsessed with the children. The rumor is she’s even tried to gain interest in a book about her time as Suleman’s employee. The woman’s obsession is also supposedly at the heart of Nadya’s decision to move her children out of La Habra to Palmdale.

Suleman’s manager also claims the two women are in cahoots with one another. The accusation is that the duo is trying to make money off their affiliation with Nadya.

Whether the claims are true or not remains unknown. However, the timing is suspicious. If a nanny saw a child being molested, why didn’t she report it at that time? Why wait until now?

Still if the children are getting molested, and no action gets taken to protect them, then as usual Octomom gets away scott free. If the accusations aren’t true, then the two women should get held accountable for making false claims.

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