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Dear Mama

Hey it’s me Oda Mae. I am not writing because I am in trouble or in jail. I cleaned up my act and stopped conning people. Thanks to a guy named Sam, I saw the error of my ways about being honest and how love is the greatest gift you can give someone. I also realized that I really am psychic. No sh** really! It shocked the hell out of me. After I helped this nice couple Sam and Molly deal with Sam’s murder I decided to straighten up and fly right as you always put it. I am a pretty good Ghost Whisperer and I help the police find missing people and things.

I am enclosing a check for two hundred dollars with money I made honestly. I gotta go. Molly and I are having dinner. She turned the loft she shared with Sam into an art studio and school for artistically gifted yet under privileged kids. The cousins help Molly out now that we shut down our bogus Psychic shop.

Love Oda Mae

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