odds and ends..by Michael

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we lose umbrellas often or one spoke breaks and we have to throw it away. if your spoon bends while trying to scoop out the ice-cream, then it has been in the freezer too long. check your pockets in your winter jacket and make sure there are two gloves instead of one. try to buy items with batteries included. record your favorite shows or movies so you can fast foward through the million commercials. conserve our precious water supply by showering with a friend. take the time to smell a fresh cut rose, it tells of the scent of love. always have duct tape and a scissors ready as you can tape up a blabber-mouth cell phone user who annoys us in public places. whoever invented the term "a penny earned is a penny saved",doesn't really make cents. LOL. the next time you have a dream of me, make sure your head is on a pillow and not over the toilet seat..LOL in closing i would to say that never sign a document with a pencil. love, Airborne29th   aka – Michael  

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I am a writer of short stories. Anyone interested in seeing my published books, go to my web site www.michaelreisman.net

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