Ode to my Canary

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Ode to my Canary







Although you’re still here

My little golden friend

I’m already grieving

Nine years you’ve been singing…

Cheerful tweets and trills

To my soul are clinging


How much time is there left?

Perhaps another year or two

Before eerie silence

Engulfs the empty space

Where once you reigned

Trilling your ancient lore


Then one day

Dead silence

For ever more 


How lucky you are not to be aware

The end is coming

These days you’re only tired

Very quiet

No energy to spare

But for old feathers to shed

And grow fresh ones

I must keep you well fed

Not a peep

Not even a faint “Good morning”

While you’re busy creating

Your new attire

I know when you’re done

Once again you will sing

With regained fire

All day long

Your crystal clear song

A song of joy

A song of life

A song of hope

Each year reborn

Until the day

Uneasy peace rings forlorn

In my heart’s core


Dead silence

For ever more



©2012 Irina Dimitric



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