Of Conscious Consequence…BY Richard Lynn Livesay

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Please don’t open up your lie and swill my thrill of conquest

Sure it can be said that many people never understand the other

Understanding is an excuse for shredding pickles in my oatmeal

Dilute all your mindings and replay but the dream you had about me

Sitting quietly in the rose garden, feeling your tongue convulse

That wasn’t too bad a start, huh? Well, don’t plagiarize yourself.


I too am a quality of metaphor seeking notification of time outs

The game is involved and the rules are debatable and invisible

All is fair in sanitation and cleanliness so sanitize your act immediately

The pressure that you expound only inflates my ego and trips my switch

Give concise critique bordering not only on mind and matter but soul.

Searching, I found you pleasing, mysterious and confrontational

Probably stemming from a latent phobia or unresolved guilt or indifference.


I will investigate your priorities sanction a blending of consciousness and

Re-read from the latest of “Best American Poetry” to smooth the edges

Of confrontational ideologies, be they academic or spiritual nothings

I will treat your feelings with psychological interest and philosophize un peu

Realizing that two incandescent revolutionaries will finally battle for rights.


Let us agree to provide adequate space for creative expression and umph!

Confronting with questions, not declarative ranting or issuing of inferior edicts

After our wanderings in the garden, our picnic by the lake and Caribbean cruise

Shall we settle down for a while and have ‘splender in the grass”? and see?

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RICHARD LYNN LIVESAY - Poet/Artist•Born 1943 Lubbock, Texas, lives in Greenville, SC• Education: U. of Ariz., Lubbock Christian College, Texas Tech U.• Careers: Art, Medical, Transportation, Entertainment• Curr

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