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Of course I’m thinking about Spring. It’s at this time of the year I begin to plan the spring garden. Of course the kids say “Put these gardens into lawn Mum”. And I have reduced the border line of these endless flower beds. But, and I try not to hesitate with reminders that maybe I should pull the spade out of the ground where I am already reclaiming the oh so carefully reduced flower bed. “Just an inch or two'” I say to myself as I look over my shoulder for neighbours passing by.

Spring is a time of mothering, nurturing; I once wrote in a school essay. That was night classes I took as an adult student. And why I wrote that was because I had these fabulous memories of my beautiful dark haired daughter arriving as we moved into late spring in the year …. Oh well, it was I long time ago and I’m no longer a spring-chicken. But I do recall my room was full of spring flowers and it was the tall Irises that gave of a peculiar smell so that I had to ask for the flowers be moved from my room over night.

And then my son, our only surviving son, arrived only a few days before the first day of spring in his year of birth. It snowed the next day. I don’t think it has snowed in our city since; well not that I remember.

I think our other two daughters were conceived in spring, rather than arriving in the months of spring.

We purchased our dear little bungalow in early spring. How the blood rises in spring!

Well I’m thinking of spring now and these gardens are coming back to life as I open packets of daffodils and tulips and bluebells and lily of the valley – we’ll have to go dig a little space in the damper spot in the back-yard to accommodate them. But out front we will have daffodils and tulips and bluebells – they will flower in time for my birthday in September.


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