Ogden’s Emilie Parker One Victim of the Sandy Hook Massacre

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As news spread of the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre hearts broke around the world. In Ogden, Utah one victim’s death was taken especially hard. You see, Emilie Parker and her family are from the town just north of Salt Lake City and had moved to Connecticut just eight months ago. The friends of Emilie’s parents immediately set to work to raise funds necessary to transport her little body across the country where she will be laid to rest in her hometown. The beautiful blue eyed, blonde haired little girl will get to go home one last time.

Photo: This is one of Emilie's parents favorite pictures of her. They asked us to share it with you.

Many people have heard Emilie’s father speak. Mr. Parker was one of the first parents to speak out publicly and his words have moved many to tears. Robbie says he isn’t angry and that he believes that Emilie is with her Heavenly Father now. For believers, his words are comforting yet for parents, they are hard to fathom. Emilie didn’t deserve to have her last trip home be in a casket, not at such a young age. The Parkers didn’t deserve yet another loss in their family. Yet Mr. Parker spoke of his daughter as a person who brought joy to many even though she was only on earth a short time.

An Ogden cemetery will welcome an angel in the coming week and a family gains an angel. Sandy Hook Elementary school students will go to school a few miles down the road and the holidays will carry on but no one will forget. Emilie Parker will be remembered, as will the other 19 students and six teachers and administrators that lost their lives on Friday. You see this massacre didn’t just touch Newtown, Connecticut, it has touched a nation. From Ogden where a little girl who died too soon was from to South Texas where a pastor asked his congregation to pray for those hurting to Newtown itself where the town begins its mourning, the dreadful events of Friday morning have impacted everyone.

Photo Source: Emilie Parker Fund

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