Oh Come On! Secret Service Contacted Over Obama Parody

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Seriously, a threat? That’s what some residents of Huntsville, Utah called a Obama parody that was part of a float in the town’s annual Fourth of July parade! The mayor claims the float was a last-minute entry and that it wouldn’t have been allowed otherwise. What was so dangerous a threat to the president that the town Sheriff called the Secret Service?

‘Obama’ stepped out of a white limo to greet parade watchers. Attached to the limo were some signs and a fake license plate that read ‘Obamanation’. One sign said “Huntsville Welcomes Obama’s Farewell Tour?” The one on the back of the limo read, “Ask about our assault gun plan. Call Eric Holder.” Those are threats against the president? Enough of a threat to warrant contacting the Secret Service?

Of course the Huntsville Mayor, Jim Truett, and a City Councilwoman, Laurie Allen, said the float didn’t reflect the views of the city. While most parade goers found the float funny, a few people said it was ‘disrespectful’ and yes, others claimed it was a ‘threat’ to the president! Did anyone call the Secret Service during the Bush years when, for instance, a Bush mannequin was strung on a pole and burned in DC?

An article on FOX 13 has a commentor suggesting that they should have been fair about it. They suggested Mitt Romney walking in his ‘magic underwear’ (aka temple garments) and Ann Romney driving behind him with a dog tied to the roof! The heavily LDS-populated town may not have found it as funny as the Obama parody (though they should, that would be pretty funny), but would they consider it a threat against Romney? What happened to people’s sense of humor?

Chief Deputy Klint Anderson of the Weber County Sheriff’s Office said, “We don’t decide what’s appropriate. That’s up to the town, the parade organizers and the people who design the float.” The ‘town’ must include Councilwoman Allen who said, “I don’t think we would have allowed it, in fact I know we wouldn’t. We just don’t want that. It’s a family-oriented celebration.” Absolutely, they certainly don’t want those dangerous threats to the president in a family parade!

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