Oh No! It’s a Menopause Pimple!

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I always thought once the teenage years were over, they were over.  No more zits, no more agony over “Does he like me?”.  No more angst.  Well, I was wrong.  And where I was wrong was concerning every decade of my life.  Especially the latest – what I call the “Menopause Decade”.  It didn’t actually begin once I turned fifty.  It started nearly two years ago (I was always a late bloomer).  That’s when everyone totally stopped and started.  The monthly cycle, already trickling down, stopped totally.  The hot flashes and night sweats started.  And so did the pimples.  Acne was never bad when I was young – a pimple here and there.  Same now.  All I can think, though, is “At My Age!???!”

My son takes doxycycline twice daily, uses and antibacterial scrub, and a topical ointment each night to keep his under control.  It works, too.  Three years ago he had it bad – over his chest, back, arms, and face.  A month after starting this treatment it began clearing up.  Now, there’s only the occasional outbreak – small – on him.  And not on his face, either.  He has to keep up the treatment – whenever we tried stopping for a while, it came back with again.  We’re hoping that someday soon he can cut back on the antibiotics.

His treatments are not the choice for me, since I only get the occasional pimple.  And I don’t think they work on the rest of the menopause symptoms.  A few sympathetic friends suggested hormone rx which I flatly refuse.  Don’t know why.  It’s not as if I am totally opposed to putting foreign substances in my body.  Or on it (Considering a body piercing).  I’m just afraid I’ll turn into someone I’m not – perhaps super sex girl or wonder woman, I don’t know.  Menopause hasn’t diminished my sex drive – only my husband can do that (kidding).  If anything, it’s similar to when I was pregnant both times and couldn’t get enough, uncomfortable as it was.

So I’ll suffer the hot flashes and night sweats and occasional pimple until I’m too old to care.  My son’s topical ointment is fine for that pimple, since it’s also used, apparently, to help eliminate wrinkles (double duty, yes!).  I drown the hot flashes in Izze’s Blackberry soda (cans only – full of vitamitavegimins).  And the night sweats?  The sheets need changing anyway.

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