Ohio Boys Suspended for Flatulence; Their Toots Too Much for School Bus

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Two Ohio boys were suspended because of their flatulence. Ohio’s Canal Winchester Middle School deemed the acts of flatulence were on purpose and possibly part of a farting File:School bus.jpggame between the boys; thus, the boys were suspended for a day from riding the school bus.

When it comes to young teens (one of the boys is 13), it wouldn’t be shocking if they did decide to turn their own flatulence into a game, but to be suspended over it seems like officials are going overboard. Sure, Ohio may be slightly stricter than California or New York, but to ban kids from the school bus? Well, as one of the boy’s fathers, James Nichols, puts it: that’s just “laughable.”

Apparently, the boys had been warned by the school bus driver of their farting game a few weeks prior. This time around, the windows went down and the boys were banned from the bus during the next school day. School officials stated the incident was “an obscene gesture that violated the student code of conduct.”

Although the other kids on the school bus were able to laugh at the incident, one person not laughing was James Nichols’ wife. She had recently suffered from gastro-intestinal problems which caused her to be hospitalized. Flatulence certainly isn’t funny for everyone, and that includes Canal Winchester Middle School officials and those suffering from real gastro-intestinal problems. However, do you think the boys should have been suspended for their farting game?

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