Ohio Lottery Winner on Dialysis Helps Charities and Friends Before Self

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An Ohio lottery winner who needs a kidney to live, has made sure to take care of charities and friends before worrying about himself. Phillip Withem of Logan won $5 million in a Top Prize Drawing.

Ohio Lottery Winner on Dialysis Helps Charities and Friends Before SelfThe lucky lottery winner said, “I’m going to help people because I love it. It makes me feel good, and I think that’s what God put us here for.” He plans to help charities that help children as well as his friends who were there for him when he got ill. What a wonderful gesture of kindness.

He takes dialysis treatments three times a week while he’s waiting on a new kidney, so he is on disability. Of course now that he’s won the $5 million, he no longer qualifies, but he doesn’t think he’ll need it. After giving plenty of the money away, he plans to keep the rest to make sure he remains comfortable throughout his illness.

While money cannot buy everything, hopefully it will help make Withem’s life better as he waits for a donor. Perhaps even the news of his luck and his generosity will bring someone out who is willing to give him a new kidney. Who knows? Either way, he is a lucky and generous guy.

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