Ohio Offers Free Money to Veterans

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Columbus, Ohio–On August 24, 2010, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland (Dem.), along with other state officials launched the Ohio Veterans Bonus program in Columbus. The program is estimated to make nearly 200,000 Ohio residents eligible for special payments ranging from $50 – $100 for each month of active service.

“Of course no payment is adequate reward for the sacrifices made on our behalf,” Strickland said at the launch of the program in Columbus, Ohio. “But these checks will help make a mortgage payment, or put food on the table, or start a savings account. And what’s more, these payments will say something clearly and directly to our veterans: thank you.”

All Ohio veterans could be eligible for a bonus if they served on active duty with U.S. armed forces, including the Ohio National Guard, anywhere in the world during specified periods of time. The active duty must be for purposes other than training. Applicants must have been legal residents of Ohio when they went on active duty and also must be Ohio residents when they apply for a bonus.

To apply for the bonus, applicants were asked to go to <!–LINK REMOVED –>www.veteransbonus.ohio.gov<!–END LINK REMOVED –> or call 1-877-OHIO-VET, and complete the online application. Processing time for the payments is expected to be approximately eight weeks, depending on the volume of applications initially received. The amount of the payment depends on the where the veteran served on active duty. The higher $100 per month payment is designated for veterans who served in the Persian Gulf (1990 – 1991), Afghanistan (2001 – ), or Iraq (2003 – ). Other bonus amounts are available to eligible veterans or the families of deceased veterans.

The special payments are financed through a $200 million bond issuance that was authorized by Ohio voters approval of a constitutional amendment last year.

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