Ohio One Step Closer to Gay Marriage

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According to the Columbus Dispatch, Ohio’s Attorney General Mike DeWine has helped opponents of Ohio’s 2004 gay marriage ban get one step closer to their goal of overturning it. DeWine certified a proposed amendment on Tuesday that aims to repeal the ban.

This was the second try for the Freedom to Marry Ohio group; their first attempt was rejected by DeWine (a Republican) earlier due to language problems.

The proposed amendment seeks to change the definition of marriage in Ohio’s constitution. In 2004, voters defined marriage as being between “a man and a woman.” The new language would define marriage as a union “between two consenting adults, regardless of gender.”

This is hardly a guarantee of success for Freedom to Marry Ohio–they must now gather enough signatures to represent 10 percent of the voting population in order to even bring the vote on gay marriage to the public in 2013.

Certainly the majority of voting Ohioans proved they were opposed to this inclusive definition of marriage earlier, but neither constitutional amendment addresses the larger issue: Should the constitutional rights of the minority really be decided upon by the majority?

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