Ohio State Scientists Explain Why Bedbugs Won’t Die

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Entomologists at the Ohio State University have conducted a genetic study of bedbugs that sheds some light on why the pesky little biters are winning the battle. Though it seems like the arsenal of bug killers that exterminators have on hand should do the trick, as it turns out?according to Omprakash Mittapalli, Ph.D., assistant professor of entomology?”bedbugs could be a lot more complicated than previously thought.”

Bedbug (PSF)

The Ohio State researchers compared their own lab grown bedbugs with some local apartment dwelling bedbugs that had been exposed to pesticides, and they discovered a difference in a gene called CYP9.

The bottom line is, it seems that the bugs that had been exposed to pesticides were able to produce enzymes that can render the poisons useless. According to the study, these enzymes can “modify toxic compounds into water-soluble, non-toxic compounds that can then be flushed out of the bug.”

Yes folks, these pests are mutating and evolving; and the more pesticides you toss at them, the tougher they get.

Hopefully, the research will lead to new and better methods of extermination. Until then, be vigilant. Keep an eye out for unwanted visitors that might hitchhike back to your house in your purse or suitcases.

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