Ohio Woman Posed as a Boy to Have Sexual Relationship with Teenage Girl

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Patricia Dye, a 31 year old Ohio woman, dressed and posed as a teenager in order to convince a 16 year old girl to have sex with her.  Patricia Dye cut and colored her hair and wore boy’s clothes in order to convince the Springboro, Ohio teenager that she was a male.  Apparently the ruse worked.

Dye has been charged with contributing to the delinquency of aminor, sexual imposition and attempted sexual imposition.  The prosecutor wanted Dye to face felony charges but the grand jury refused to upgrade from misdemeanor charges.  Dye will appear in juvenile court and could receive a maximum sentence of nine months to a year for her acts.

It was reported that there was a possible second case but no charges have been laid in Middletown, Ohio.  (APP.com.)  Dye used the aliases Matt Abrams and Matt Lewis.  She was able to convince the girl(s) involved that she was a boy because of her small stature and appearance.

It will be interesting to see the attention this case garners.  Of course, if the offender was male it might be different, but a woman posing as a boy in order to hook a girl?  Unreal.  It seems that women are usually treated differently when it comes to sexual offenses and this time doesn’t appear to be any different.  If this had been a man, it’s likely the grand jury would have upgraded to felony charges in a heartbeat.  But not when the perpetrator is a woman!  Do people not realize that women can be predatory monsters, too?

Sources: ABC.com and APP.com

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