Ohio’s Union-Busting Bill: Vote Expected Wednesday

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Ohio’s Senate Bill 5, the controversial union-busting bill that has drawn thousands of protestors to the State House for weeks, is expected to pass both the Senate and House on Wednesday.

The House version, including a clause to allow voters to cancel out a public-employee contract, will be presented to a full session tomorrow. House Republicans have made a few changes to the bill that was passed by the Republican Senate but expect no problems from the other side.

Ohio’s entire state legislature is dominated by a conservative majority acting in line with Republican Governor John Kasich’s policies. After the bill was introduced by Senator Shannon Jones, Kasich told reporters he believed public employee strikes should be outlawed. When asked what recourse the unions would have, he said “They have jobs.”

Senator Shannon Jones

Senator Shannon Jones (R)

Since its introduction in February, the union-busting bill has faced heavy criticism. It eliminates collective bargaining for safety forces and gives local governments the ability to say “take or leave it” in contract negotiations.

As local governments have been scrambling to understand the effects of Kasich’s Jobs Budget, they are also realizing what “tools” they are receiving from the Ohio government.

The union-busting bill is one of KasichÂ’s touted tools to decrease costs to local governments, giving them the ability to reduce wages. Of course, has anyone realized that a loss of local wages will also result in a decrease in income taxes collected?

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