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Now that Oil is over 45 dollars a barrel it’s profitable to take oil from the Tar Sands in Canada, and in fact Canada has passed Mexico as the largest supplier of oil to the US.

Therefore, those that will be hurt the most if the US cuts it’s demand for oil will be Canada and Mexico. There’s more oil in the Canadian Tar Sands than in Saudi Arabia, and there is more oil in the Inter-mountain Over-thrust zone East of the Rockies in the US than is in the Canadian Tar Sands. Therefore the world will never run out of oil.

The Future -

Well we never ran out of rocks in the stone age as technology simply brought in change; then we never ran out of Bronze in the Bronze age technology just brought in change, and we will never run out of oil in the current age as technology will just bring in change.

At this time I’m beginning to think that the Gas-Electric hybrid will be the superior vehicle in the future at least in Minnesota as the Fuel Cell puts out a water vapor and in the winters in Minnesota that will only freeze on the roads and cause many accidents, where the gas electric hybrid wont.

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