OJ Simpson Attacked by Skinheads in Prison

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OJ Simpson was nearly stabbed by two skinheads behind bars in Nevada, according to a bombshell report from the National Enquirer. People roll their eyes when they hear the words National Enquirer, but the tabloid is correct more often than not, so this story is likely true.

“They want me dead. And they almost got me!” whined the Juice, who is locked up at Lovelock Correction Center. “They came so close I could feel the wind as they swung their knives at my face and neck. I was thrashing my arms and trying to protect my face as I pushed and shoved to get away.”

According to sources, on Feb. 16, numerous “white power skinheads” caused a commotion to divert the attention of guards, while two of them ran at Simpson wielding homemade “shivs”.

Normally, you might feel sorry for someone who was attacked by maniacs in prison, but remember this is OJ. Who can sympathize with a man who killed two people in cold blood, and got away with it for years?

The good news for OJ, was that he was able to escape to the relative safety of his cell. Simpson’s background as a running back came in handy, because he dodged and weaved through the crowd to get away from the skinheads. It sounds like a Hertz commercial from Hell.

The Juice has to be scared to death, now that he knows these psychos are after him. It would be prudent to keep a low profile, but that will never happen because his ego is way too big.

OJ’s arrogance knows no bounds, and that’s why he’s in jail in the first place. Once he got away with murder, he began believing he was made of Teflon, and eventually slipped up and got into trouble again. You can read more about the OJ Simpson prison riot here.

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