OJ Simpson Has Confessed Wife’s Murder to Oprah

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Is Oprah about to have a show in which OJ Simpson confesses to the murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson? Oprah has long hoped to help answer the question of who was responsible for Nicole’s death. Much of the world has strong opinions about who they think was responsible for her death.

There are now reports that Simpson has already told one of Oprah’s producers that he allegedly killed Nicole “in self defense,” notes the Daily Mail. This newspaper claims it got this information from the National Enquirer. However, that tabloid does not have the information on its website yet. Supposedly, there will soon be a television segment from a jail in Nevada with Simpson telling Oprah his version of what happened the night his wife died.

Simpson allegedly told one of the producers at Oprah’s television network, called OWN, that Nicole was allegedly “yelling go away! Go away!… Before [he] knew what [he] was doing [he] took the knife away from Nicole and started slashing at her,” reports the Daily Mail. Is he going to publicize his alleged claims of self-defense to try to blame Nicole for the events leading up to her death?

It was October 3, 1995 when OJ Simpson was acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. He later was also tried in a civil trial and required to pay $33.5 million dollars in damages. Some people felt that justice was achieved with the original acquittal, while others did not. To see a video of the moment when Simpson reacted to the news of the acquittal, go here.

There was a documented history of domestic violence in the marriage of Nicole with OJ. She had called the police to the home she had shared with OJ Simpson. She took action to leave a troubled marriage. And yet she still ended up dead. Were the murders of Nicole and Ron linked to her earlier marriage? Perhaps only the killer knows the answer to that question.

The murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman occurred in June 1994. It has been many years since OJ Simpson was acquitted. Why would he allegedly confess now?

Is there a producer for Oprah’s show who has already heard an alleged confession from Simpson? If so, the upcoming show will draw the attention of the world. Do you think the original acquittal of OJ Simpson served justice?

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