Ok, but how many are active?

A little while ago I set out in search of a number. I then discovered that there are 465,482 member accounts registered on Gather. But how many of them are active accounts? 

If you click on the “People” tab at the top of the page it will bring to a page displaying recently updated profiles. I suppose if you never create a public profile you will never be added to this list. But according to the page, there are: 

updated profiles  –  results: 31,727 members found

However, are even all of the “updated” profiles active? Maybe someone created a profile a year or two ago and then never logged back in.

And then are the variables. How do you define “active”? Logged in during the past month? Three months? During the last year? Posted an article or image? Made a comment? Or would just logging in and browsing around be enough? For that manner, what is “recent”? What time frame does Gather use to classify “recent” in cybertime?

It is very doubtful that 465,482 unique people are “recently active” on this website.

Most likely these numbers have changed during the time I was writing this. 

How many active members do you think are on Gather?



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