Oklahoma Personhood Law Fails

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Attempts in Oklahoma to pass a personhood law that would have stated that embryos have the same rights from conception as people has failed. The law didn’t expressly make abortion illegal, but that is really what it was in essence.

If the law had passed, abortion would be legally considered murder. What then would be a miscarriage? Would that be considered manslaughter, because the life was lost unintended? Not only could the mother be held legally culpable, but also the doctors and nurses. Although it may sound like it would prevent abortion, it is more likely to create a market for so-called back-alley abortion clinics, which don’t operate safely like a doctor would be able to. It seems there is a war on women now, and the anti-abortion groups are leading the way.

According to Reuters, the law was expected to “provoke legal challenges from abortion-rights supporters, with the ultimate goal of giving the Supreme Court a vehicle to overturn Roe v. Wade…” The personhood law may be popular in some states, but women across the country should be very cautious about supporting any such bills. For instance, if a woman is told she will die without aborting her child, should she really be legally charged with murder for saving her own life?

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