Oklahoma State Question 755 “Save Our State”

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Oklahoma State Question 755 or “Save Our State” is on the ballot on Tuesday. Rex Duncan authored the bill. Basically, the question asks for a state amendment that would ban our state from being held to Sharia or Islamic law. It is one of eleven questions on Tuesday.

Representative Duncan wants to make sure that what happened in New Jersey to a Muslim woman won’t happen here in Oklahoma. A man raped his wife in New Jersey, but was found not guilty under Sharia, but Oklahoma wants to pass an amendment banning Sharia.

“‘The fact that Sharia law was even considered anywhere in the United States is enough for me to sign on,’ Sykes told CNN. ‘It should scare anyone that any judge in America would consider using that as precedent,'” according to CNN.

Do you think a judge should  follow Sharia or Islamic law, or is separation of church and state enough to cover this? Obviously it is not, or this lame judge would not have ruled so. We are a Christian nation, and if Muslims don’t agree with Christian laws, than they need to take that into account before moving to Oklahoma if this state question is passed.

What is baffling here is what about spousal abuse? In the New Jersey case, Sharia took precedence over domestic abuse laws? That’s just crazy. Vote yes on State Question 755, Oklahoma.

Those who want you to vote no on the State Question 755 claim it is an attack on Islamic Law, but the question addresses all foreign rulings not just Islamic law. We are America, and we must use American federal and state laws in our judicial systems not foreign laws.

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