Oksana and Mel Gibson Continue To Deliver Dirt

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The battle between Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson continues to produce more dirt as a new photo of Oksana with chipped front teeth has surfaced on Radar Online. Hand in hand on the red carpet with controlled smiles and loving exchanges, Mel Gibson and Oksana reveal no signs of the dysfunction and disorder in their relationship. However, recent reports have shed light on the true nature of their relationship, which was shrouded in scandal from it s beginning until it s violent and bitter end. These archived pictures show the couple throughout their Fame Pictures, Inc

The photo, which can been seen by clicking on the link below, shows Oksana in a close up with two front teeth chipped. Radar Online is reporting that an Oksana spokesperson says the photo is indeed an official photo of Oksana just after Gibson punched her in the mouth. If he did punch her in the mouth and chip her teeth, why isn’t she bruised?  You think she would have a fat lip. Also, why is she airing all this personal stuff?

Obviously, she is looking for publicity to either get more money or to help end Mel Gibson’s career and put him in the poor house. If she puts him in the poor house, then she can really forget any support for her son, whom she had with Mel Gibson.

The entire story is getting rather boring and is dragging out. We all know that Mel Gibson has a problem. According to Whoopie Goldberg on The View, Gibson has a drinking problem. Whatever it is - anger, phychological, or alcohol - he needs to get help. As the mother of his son, don’t you think it would benefit her to not exploit the situation, but suppress it and get help for her son’s father? She is really only hurting her son in all of this.


Source: Radaronline.com

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