Ola Mae Agee: Grandma Crack Cocaine Dealer Arrested at 87 (Video) Older but not Wiser

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Ola Mae Agee was arrested in April for selling crack cocaine. The unique thing about Ola Mae Agee is that she’s a crack cocaine dealer at the age of 87! Obviously this woman is older but not wiser because other than selling drugs, she was selling them to under cover Pensacola, Florida officers.Ola Mae Agee

Ola Mae Agee will now be known as the grandmother of drug dealers because she is officially the oldest crack cocaine dealer ever arrested. A surveillance video showed Ola Mae Agee letting the under cover officer into her home where she exchanged crack cocaine for money during an April 30, 2010 sting.

How truly bizarre! Most senior citizens are scared of drug dealers and this grandma was one. Where as most seniors refuse to allow strangers into their homes, it seems Ola Mae Agee’s supplement income relied on it.

Ola Mae Agee has been arrested multiple times for possessing crack cocaine with the intent to sell it. The last time she was arrested was in 1999 when she was 76.

Florida’s Assistant State Attorney Greg Marcille White Mug with the image of: Cocainesaid, “She also had extensive other prior criminal history for other offenses that went back a couple of years. Based on the fact that she had continued to sell drugs over this period of time, we believe the prison sentence was appropriate in this case.

Ola Mae Agee is obviously familiar with the criminal world and even at the age of 87 has no intentions of leading a straight and honest life. Ola Mae Agee was sentenced to 18-months in jail. It is doubtful that her stint will change her outlook on what little life she has left.

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