Old Kris Jenner Music Video Surfaces

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An old music video made by Kris Jenner and her then-husband Robert Kardashian back in 1985 has surfaced, and it even features little Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, too.

According to The Stir, you should be scared–very, very scared if you plan to click on the link below to watch this video. It’s Kris like you’ve never seen her and will hopefully never see her again!

Kris JennerThe song in the music video is set to the tune of an old Randy Newman song called I Love L.A., but Kris has changed the words to say ‘I love my friends.’ She appears sans her pants walking on a treadmill at one point in the music video, and has even enlisted the help of many then-celebrities, including O.J. Simpson. (Could that be one of the reasons why Robert Kardashian defended him at his murder trial a few years later? Maybe if O.J. hadn’t appeared in Kris Jenner’s music video, he’d never have been acquitted!)

Kris (of course then she was in fact Kris Kardashian) sports way more hair than she should ever have (but it was the 80s and everyone had big hair back then) and looks startlingly like her daughters do now in the 1985 music video.

When you watch the video, pay attention around 3:29. That’s when you’ll catch sight of little Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian. Now they were much cuter than Kris back in 1985!

So here goes. If you’re brave–really, really brave, you can click here and see Kris Jenner in a music video that she’s probably kicking herself these days for ever having made. But be warned. You’ll never look at Kris the same.

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