Old Lahaina Courthhouse & Prison – Photo Essay

When we finished strolling through the park with the huge Banyan Tree, we came to the Old Lahaina Courthouse.

Built in 1859 as a Customs House & Courthouse, King Kamehameha III allowed $700 to build the 2 story building, which would be the seat of the Maui government.

Offices for the sheriff, a tax office & post office would be downstairs with the fine courtroom being upstairs.






This is the view from the courthouse window.

Luaus, music & festivals would be held in the square outside, where the Banyan tree is located.

On August 12th, 1898 the Hawaiian flag was lowered, and the American flag was raised. Hawaii was now a territory of the United States. The flag is on display now, inside the courthouse/now museum.

Flag from the gift shop

In the basement is where the prison is located. Now it is a steamy art gallery…and I mean steamy as in hot! There is artwork in each of the prison cells.

History of the Old Jail, now a visitor center, museum & art gallery.

One cell also has a mechanical man that tells you a bit of history of the prison.









He does have bugs on him, and in his papaya as well.

Upstairs, in what used to be the Courthouse, is now a museum with a lot of history to the Island of Maui.

Below are some photos from the museum.

The Courthouse is worth a visit if you are ever in Lahaina. Filled with history, it gives you a sense of what life was like in an earlier time. The Visitor’s Center workers are knowledgable as well & can give you much more information about the history if you ask.

Some information derived from www.visitlahaina.com

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