Old Navy’s ‘Gay Pride’ Shirts Nowhere to Be Found

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Old Navy told its customers that they were ready to get on the gay pride bandwagon. The line of gay pride t-shirts were to be sold in stores and the proceeds were to benefit the “It Gets Better” project which encourage gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender youth to hold out until adulthood when they can find their own niche in the world. When blogger Ken Farrell of Unicorn Booty went to an Old Navy in Seattle, the employees seemed utterly confused. Finally, an employee told him that they were only to be sold in 26 of the thousands of stores in the United States. Perhaps Old Navy got a little gun-shy and thought the t-shirts wouldn’t go over well with its right ring customers? Either way, it’s totally misleading and upsetting to those who wanted to support the cause.

On June 2, the Old Navy website had no mention of the shirts. A search for “It Gets Better” in the keyword section revealed a pair of mesh sneakers and there were no pride shirts in the graphic tees section. Too bad, Old Navy might have really helped some people with those designs.

Old Navy “Pride Shirts.” Image Source: Unicorn Booty

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