Olympic Opening Ceremonies: Duran Duran, Snow Patrol in Hyde Park

The highly anticipated Olympic opening ceremonies are just a few short minutes away and speculation remains surrounding the secretive nature surrounding the acts who are set to play in the official extravaganza. Across town in Hyde Park, Duran Duran, Snow Patrol and Stereophonics will play a concert in tandem. The mastermind Danny Boyle, however, has been hush hush about who will play in Olympic Stadium.

2012 Olympics LogoIn the unofficial concert honoring the Olympics, Duran Duran are setting up and getting ready to perform in Hyde Park. Their performance will be broadcast live in between band sets so everyone can enjoy it. The band’s bassist, John Taylor has also revealed that after the ceremonies, they’ll be headed off for a North American tour, and will be playing in Orange County, California on August 11. Early next year, said Taylor, they’ll be back in the studio recording a new album.

Of the London Olympics, Taylor said, “It’s something that we can do—the U.S. and the U.K. Let’s face it, Germany and Italy can’t appeal to an international community via their own music in the way the U.S. and the U.K. can. We’re the only two countries with hugely successful artists, with music that is recognizable in any language.”

In other news, speculation surrounding the opening acts for the official extravaganza is reaching a melting point. According to television show Good Afternoon, America, rumors are that Sir Paul McCartney, 80s British dance-pop band Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and the iconic punk masters, the Sex Pistols are set to reunite in the official ceremonies that is sure to be supremely British, and filled with colorful costumes, dancers, and music. Of course, this is mere speculation until the actual ceremonies begin, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if this were all true?

In the meantime, tune in to NBC and its affiliates to watch the Olympic opening ceremonies, Duran Duran, and who knows? Maybe Sir Paul.

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