Olympics 2010: Curling Is Seriously an Olympic Sport?

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Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of billiards and darts, chess and checkers. So I can understand the intrigue surrounding curling.

But let’s get real for a second. This is a sport?

An Olympic sport?!

I had never really watched curling prior to the Vancouver Winter Olympics, but my friends told me I was really missing out so I thought I’d give it a try.

All I can think is: shuffleboard on ice…with brooms.

Are maids athletes too? Because cleaning a house requires more than just sweeping—which is the only physical activity I can see going on in curling.

I’m not saying curling isn’t somewhat entertaining. I guess it’s fun thinking through the game and analyzing the strategy involved.

But aren’t we slighting the hockey players, skiers, and figure skaters by giving out gold medals to curlers? The captain of the men’s team from Germany, considered one of the best curlers in the Olympics, is in his mid 40s and looks like he couldn’t break 5 seconds in a 40-yard dash or lift more than 150 pounds.

Olympic News - February 16, 2010

Maybe there just weren’t enough other sports to keep people interested and so they had to bring back curling. But let’s not kid ourselves here.

Being a skilled curler says nothing about your athletic ability. And so to give medals to the winners of such an event, as if they are on par with the world’s greatest athletes, is laughable.

If I’m missing something here, please tell me what it is.

I gave curling a shot, and I even mildly enjoy watching it. But a sport it is not.

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