OMG! Apple To End iPod Touch for iPad Apple

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OMG! Apple is to do away with iPod Touch. Have the bosses at iPod lost their minds? Apparently, someone at Apple thinks it is a fantastic idea to do away with the iPod Touch forever.  The disproportionately successful Apple firm is going to put forward the iPad in the its place. The iPad is allegedly the newer and improved version of the old and soon to be retired iPod. This marvelous little handheld devise is billed as falling somewhere in between the soon to be history iPod and the iPhone. Hummm!

Well, Steve Jobs’ describes it as one that fits between a smartphone and notebook. So, that must be code for it is “amazing” and everyone must rush out to get it immediate after its release. Sounds good to me, I think. But, when does it hit the shops for immediate purchase you might ask?

Don’t expect this nifty new gadget to come cheaply as like the iPod it is likely to set you back at least $399 or more to be on the safe side. Once you see the new iPad even you will agree that the iPod really just does not make much sense any more. Awh… Didn’t we all like the iPod?

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