OMG look what I got!!!!

When Eric and I first got married we couldn’t afford much so we went and got our wedding sets and only paid $50. Yes cheap we know but we didn’t care as long as we got married.


Well last year on March 14th. we renewed our vows. I bought Eric a new wedding band and he bought me a new band for $50 a piece, his may of been little more don’t remember.

Well, we was at Walmart last night and I seen James and Eric go to jewelry. I thought he was going there for another ear ring for Eric. He yelled at me and told me he needed me. I got over there and he said he needed me to size my ring size. I just looked at him in shock asked what? He said I am buying you what a wedding set for our anniversary. March 17th is our 3 yr anniversary.  He showed me the ring he picked out and asked if I liked it. I had been looking at the sets and this happened to be one of the sets I picked out. I wanted to cry but we was in public lol. I hated having to have it sized that means 2 – 4 weeks before I get it.  Anyone that knows me knows I don’t like fancy and I don’t like big, its perfect.  I told him I didn’t know there was other things we needed, he said to late. He had already paid for it.  Here it is….

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