On The Waterfront (a clean bill of health)


A Walk on the Waterfront

- Robert Burnham, Buffalo, NY 




Yesterday morning meant another visit to the vet in Orchard Park but unlike the previous five visits there is no follow-up appointment scheduled.  Dr. Kloc, orthopedic surgeon of Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center has given her ladyship Streaker a clean bill of health.  His diagnosis was pretty straight-forward:  “if she wants to run and play, she’s ready”,  This, just fifty-nine days after an 11-story fall from St Helena Overlook into the Genesee River at the bottom of Letchworth State Park in Western New York.  Dr. Kloc says that her speed and extent of recovery is ‘phenomenal’ and that her muscles and tendons will continue to gain strength.  I believe his assessment to be synonymous with ‘God-assisted’.  Thanks to all of her friends on Gather and around the world (USA, Germany, India, New Zealand and Australia) for your support, well-wishes and prayers.


We celebrated the good news by taking a walk along Buffalo’s storied waterfront, visiting the Korean, Vietnam and World War Memorials, the USS Croaker submarine and the USS Little Rock.  It was kind of overcast but the temperature was agreeable and our spirits were clear.  Streaker says, “Come along L’il Doggies…”

















paying her respects.



















>>> see you next hike <<<




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