Once Again the Battle…

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Wounded for a while, I struggled,
Hiding from the the fray.
Groaning, I thought I could lie
Peacefully and stay
Far away from all the danger,
Letting others fight.
But I knew, oh, I knew
That it wasn't right.

Warrior souls hear the battle
Calling out to them.
Out of earshot of the noise,
Still, I hear the din…
See the other wounded falling…
Hear the cries of pain.
And I know I must rise,
I must fight again.

Here I come, falling brother!
Let me lend a hand.
Do not fear, I am back now.
Let us make the stand!
If we do not fight, our foe
Will utterly destroy!
He will rob us of our life–
Take away it's joy.

How I long for cool, green pastures!
How I long for peace!
But that's for another day,
Now, there is no ease.
So I bind my wounds and boldly
Stand up as I should,
Knowing, when the battle ends,
I'll have fought for good.

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