‘Once Upon A Time': Ginnifer Goodwin’s Hidden Show-Related Tattoo

Once Upon A Time was one of the hottest shows on television in recent months, and fans are already ready to see what will happen in Storybrooke in season two with the arrival of magic to our world. The series has managed to life of one of its stars, and she wanted to make sure she remembered it. That star is Ginnifer Goodwin, the fair beauty behind Snow White on the series.

In recent weeks, it has come to light that she is dating her co-star and the man behind Prince Charming, Josh Dallas, so it is safe to say the series has had both a professional and personal impact on her life. What has she done to herself? She has a small tattoo on her arm that is related to the series. TV Line revealed the following about the tattoo:

Fun fact No. 2: Ginnifer Goodwin has a tattoo of a tiny apple (heh) on the inside of her right forearm, “though they won’t let me [display] it on the show,” she laments.

In the fairy tale, Snow White is sent into a magical sleep after biting into the Evil Queen’s apple. TV Line also reported that fans will learn Prince Charming’s real name in the second season. Charming was the nickname given to him by Snow White. Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas have managed to capture the attention of fans around the world with this fantasy series.

What will happen to their characters next season on Once Upon A Time? And will their romance stay alive during the hiatus over the summer? Hollywood romances never do last, but maybe they can live happily ever after.

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