‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 1 Finale ‘A Land Without Magic’ Preview: Emma Versus Regina

Once Upon a Time season 1 comes to an end next week with the finale, “A Land Without Magic.” Regina used the last of her magic in Storybrooke to get the apple from fairytale land, planning to use it on Emma. How will she react when she finds out her plan backfired?

OUaT Season 1 Episode 22 “A Land Without Magic” Promo

Jennifer Morrison cropThis is the episode that the entire season has been building to. Is Henry collapsing after taking a bite of the apple turnover going to be what leads to Emma believing? Could the season end with Emma still not believing? She may a bit preoccupied with her son in the hospital, but even if she doesn’t begin to believe, that doesn’t mean there’s not going to be a confrontation between Emma and Regina.

The Once Upon a Time season 1 finale promo for episode 22, “A Land Without Magic” (below) begins with a brief recap of the season. Snow tells Charming, “Let’s take back the kingdom.” The fight is going to begin, and it’s going to get exciting. Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, August says, “Break the curse.” It looks like he may be getting worse, just like he told Henry he would be. Emma rides down an elevator holding a sword. Is she going to start to believe?

Meanwhile, the doctors are taking care of Henry in the hospital, but it’s not looking good. Emma warns Regina, “He dies, so do you,” and Regina says, “Let’s get on with it.” There’s going to be a fight in a supply room. Does that take place before or after Henry flatlines and Emma tells him she loves him? Finally, the promo ends with Mary and David standing in the middle of the street and the voiceover “Magic is coming.”

It looks like the Once finale is going to be just as exciting as the season has been, and you do have to wonder how it will end to lead into a second season. How will the Emma-Regina confrontation end? What’s Emma doing with that sword? What is she looking for in the mines?

What do you think of the Once Upon a Time season 1 episode 22 preview of the finale, “A Land Without Magic”?

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